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Over a consistent period of several years, the Tirupati Group has evolved as an entity with a presence in every vertical across the cotton trade industry. We have dedicated manufacturing facilities, storage & logistics assets, and a well-refined imports & exports arm under the banner of Tirupati Impexo. With this scale of presence, we have observed and practised in different facets and dimensions of the industry, collecting granular insights into optimizing our systems, processes, and offerings. And today, we take immense pride in our unified platform of cotton offerings. Whether it comes to cotton bales, seeds, yarn, imports & exports, or trading, we are here to serve each of your inherent needs with high-quality standards.



We run a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art production facility that is on par with the best in the world. Our manufacturing facilities use the latest technology to deliver top-quality cotton bales every day.

We stand distinctly apart from the competition by being one of the few leading industry players that cater to manufacturing, trade, and export services. Additionally, we also have the distinction of offering customization options to clients based on their unique preferences of quality and quantity.

Umesh Industry Private Limited

Spread across a vast expanse of 9 acres, Umesh Industries manufacturing capacity to produce 1000 bales of cotton each day. Furthermore, the manufacturing unit consumes more than 200,000 kgs of seed cotton daily and produces high-quality lint cotton. This premium lint cotton is fundamental in making superior quality yarn and fabric.

Siddhi Cotton Industries

Strategically located in Kadi, Gujarat, Siddhi Cotton Industries operates a high-tech manufacturing facility on a vast 4.5 acres of land. The advanced production unit uses up-to-date machinery and processes to produce 300 to 400 bales of fine-quality cotton every day.

Our Process

Cotton Selection from the Farm Field -

When it comes to our promise of quality and excellence, we go a step ahead to procure the finest and premium quality seeds at all times. Only the purest seeds pass our quality benchmark and travel from the farm to the factory.

Raw Cotton Inspection -

As a leading and well-reputed cotton manufacturing industry with years of experience in the field, we make sure our clients get the absolutely high-quality cotton they deserve. We ensure the carefully selected raw cotton is thoroughly inspected for purity, color, and contaminants.

Cotton Contamination Control -

As a leading and well-reputed cotton manufacturing industry with years of experience in the field, we make sure our clients get the absolutely high-quality cotton they deserve. We ensure the carefully selected raw cotton is thoroughly inspected for purity, color, and contaminants.

Separation -

Our ginning mill filters the cotton fibres from the cotton seed balls. And then, all the unwanted dust particles are removed by a double roller ginning machine.

Dryer -

At this stage, the cotton is run through vacuum tubes to absorb out all the moisture and enhance fibre quality.

Cleaning -

Once the moisture is absorbed, the same cotton is gets warm air blow drying treatment in the pre-cleaning area. In this process, all unnecessary elements like leaves, dirt, and other ailments are removed.

Pressing -

We then run the bales through several state-of-the-art machines that ensure consistency and uniformity of the fibre. Lint cotton is used as the input material in this process. Finally, we use a hydraulic pressing machine to squash the fibres into bales.

Packaging & Storing -

Once the pressing process ends, we tighten and wrap the bale in flexible and protective fabric. Then, each bale is weighed and stored, ready to be dispatched.


Cotton Producing States

Gujarat   |   Maharashtra   |   Telagana   |   Andhra Pradesh   |   Madhya Pradesh   |   Karnataka   |   Haryana   |   Rajasthan   |   Punjab   |   Odisha

Our formidable insights, market position, and reputation are revered across the industry, making us the ideal trading partner for vendors, buyers, and suppliers in the cotton trading ecosystem. We have developed supplier relationships over several years with a promise of consistent quality and timely deliveries. With our oldest and most reputed business unit backing our trading operations, our name elicits a unique value proposition with each trade placement – one of excellence, focus, and transparency. We mitigate market risks and ensure a smooth delivery process for your team to ensure you never feel the speed breakers in the volatile, fragmented, and complex cotton trading space. With us on your side, growth is the only way ahead.

Import & Export

Leading cotton producing countries worldwide in 2020/2021 (in 1,000 metric tons)

China India United States Brazil Pakistan Uzbekistan Turkey Australia Benin Greece
6423 6162 3181 2341 980 762 631 610 316 305

We work with a wide range of importers and exporters across the globe. Over the years, we have developed, cultivated, and strengthened trade relationships with sourcing, financing, logistics, and quality testing partners to offer a streamlined importing & exporting service that fits your budget and quality specifications. We work with large conglomerates as well as small & medium-sized businesses with consistent quality assurance. Our focus is on mitigating counterparty risks and delivering on your needs with the least friction in the procurement to delivery process.

India’s Major Export Destinations

India's Export to Countries (in INR Billion / August-2021)

China United States Brazil Australia UAE Hong Kong Italy Nepal Germany France
131.41 476.15 36.56 51.87 152.11 72.94 57.95 52.60 62.99 36.03

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